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Shalon Barnett

Shalon Barnett is the Founder and Executive Director of Shalon’s HOPE which was established in 2016 with the passion to see women transform their lives.  Shalon’s personal story is the driving force behind her commitment to coach and mentor others beyond the choices and situations of their past. She has faced the emotional impact of financial loss, a lack of identity, abandonment, incarceration, and areas of abuse.

Today, Shalon is a successful entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and transformation coach. She uses her experience and training to teach other women how to overcome their greatest challenges and fears. Our program is structured in a way to recover from their past, grow independently and reach back to help others. Shalon Barnett is a true testament to hope realized and fulfilled.

Shalon is a professional business woman, inspirational speaker and life coach whose time is dedicated to empowering, uplifting and motivating others. Book her for your next event.

As a co-author in Dear Fear,

Shalon shares her story about how she moved beyond her

past and being paralyzed by

fear to live her purpose. Read about her journey...

To be effective toward our objectives, we realize the

benefit in partnerships that connect those we serve to valuable resources that

positions them for great



Shalon’s HOPE believes that anyone can change their unfortunate circumstance with the right opportunities and sincere support.


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